Vastu Shastra Vachaspati

Vastu Shastra Vachaspati

Vastu Shastra is an advanced Science, rendered in technological language. God forms, temple structures, residential buildings and village and town planning all are based on science. They are all governed by a mathematical order and not according to whims and fancies. They follow the laws of nature. Art and Architecture are spiritual not religious or Sectarian. Indian Poetry , Music, dance, sculpture and architecture are in exceptional group of sciences based on the science of ‘Energy, and Matter’ and ‘ Time and Space’. Vastu science has gone beyond the frontiers of material sciences. The uniqueness of Indian or Eastern science lives hidden particularly in the concept of Time and Space, spaces and spatial forms. The Concept of spirit and Spiritual experience of bliss and peace , material prosperity and Physical welfare are interpreted scientifically by none so far. The mathematical base is yet to revealed. None is aware of this, not even inferred. Superficial Knowledge and scholarly criticisms are pointed out and misconceptions eschewed from the mind of the society.


29 August 2016